1. Locate a student by his/her data  ·  Delivered

  2. Reinstate 'advisor' role for new Moodle based Courses  ·  Delivered

  3. Display Student Previous Attempt Data to Instructors  ·  Delivered

  4. Allow ASC's to Create Courses and Cascade to their Academies (and everyone)  ·  Archived

  5. Create a student self-unenrol link / option on all courses and opt-out on NetAcad emails  ·  Archived

  6. Download the certificates for all student in only one action  ·  Delivered

  7. Ability to add observers/assistants/contact/(non-qualified instructors) to the class  ·  Closed - Cold Storage

  8. Separate First Name and Last Name into two searchable fields  ·  Delivered

  9. Moodle - add Activ Quiz plugin  ·  Archived

  10. Lanzar los cursos de CCNA VOIP, CCNA WIRELESS, CCDA y CCNA DATA CENTER como parte de la curricula de Cisco Networking Academy  ·  Archived

  11. Especial characters in local languages  ·  Delivered

  12. Instructor Feedback for wrong written Mailaddress at student invitation  ·  Closed - Cold Storage

  13. Modify Conclude and Permanently delete course buttons  ·  Closed - Cold Storage

  14. Keep presentations data up to date  ·  Delivered

  15. Modify CSV instructions  ·  Closed - Cold Storage

  16. Incomplete Feedback should be automatically cleared or concluded once the activation expires.  ·  Archived

  17. Include the assessment duration in the default activation profile  ·  Delivered

  18. schools required data. Cumulative test and quiz results with dates needed to show progress.  ·  Closed - Cold Storage

  19. Limit student communication to just communicating with the Instructor  ·  Delivered

  20. Why Academy Success Dashboard no data?  ·  Archived

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